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In the order of sign Vakyakrama, the function at the end of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces give rise to 1 Manduka gati, 2 Aswa or Turaga gati and 3 Simhavalokana respectively and the dasas of those intervals cause woeful effects.

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The sub-period of any of the planets constituting a Mahadasha is thus obtained. Find out the mnemonic syllable out of the nine syllables composing a formula whose sub-period is wanted and find out the owner of the sign signified by that syllable. Multiply the number of years assigned to this planet by the number of years fixed for the planet whose Mahadasha is under consideration and divide the product by the total of years constituting the entire Ayus of the formula chakra.

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The quotient in years etc. The total number of years indicated by the Sun of nine mnemonical syllables of any formula represent the number In years of Parama Ayus for that formula. Thus the Parama Ayus in years for the 12 Rasiamsas reckoned from Aries in an Apasavya Chakra will be , 85, 83, 86 repeated thrice while those for the 12 Rasiamsas reckoned from Scorpio in a Savya Chakra will be the same but in the reverse order, that is 86, 83, 85 and repeated thrice.

Utpanna, Adhana and Kshema Mahadashas Whatever effects have been declared by me in the case of several Mahadashas dasas , the same should be stated by wise astrologer in the cases of these dasas also. Which is the 5th nakshatra from the Janma nakshatra? The Mahadasha coming from such counting is known as Utpanna Mahadasha. Count the 8th nakshatra from the Janma nakshatra.


The Mahadasha commencing from this nakshatra is known as Adhana dasa. Similarly the dasa commencing from the 4th nakshatra from the Janma nakshatra is known as Kshema dasa.

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If all, these three dasas operate at the same time year, month. The third dasa for the Alpayu class, the 5th dasa for the Madhyayu class and the 7th dasa for Deerghayu class are considered as maraka dasas death inflicting dasas. Nisarga dasa Ancient rishis using their dhivya thristi found the formulas to calculate positions in this vakiya method.

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